Certification Volunteer Opportunities

What does it take to build a successful Certification Program? 


Become a part of building credibility in the healthcare internal audit field

Give back to the profession by volunteering your time and expertise in developing AHIA's new Healthcare Internal Auditor Certification. It is a unique opportunity to share best practices, experiences and knowledge while playing a significant role in mentoring future leaders. Building a high quality, credible and meaningful certification program takes a village of committed volunteer leaders, and we have many opportunities, with varying time commitments and tasks.

The benefits of participation are significant - as is our need for qualified and dedicated volunteers!

Certification Committee

This oversight committee is responsible for all aspects of the examination development and maintenance. We are seeking a board range of individuals that are representative of the target certification population - in terms of geography, practice setting and years of experience. This will eventually evolve into a Certification Board structure or be institutionalized within the AHIA standing committee structure.

Certification Committee members will be approved by the AHIA Board and will carry the following responsibilities:

  • Develop governance documents, policies, eligibility and renewal requirements
  • Review and approve the requirements for certification and re-certification
  • Oversee the process of development and validation of the certification program
  • Address appeals from applicants and refer them if necessary to the AHIA Board of Directors
  • Review, periodically, the standards established for the certification program and request changes as needed
  • Review and approve examination forms
  • Participate in passing score study

Item Writing Sub-Committee

AHIA uses the term "item" when referring to an "exam question". Item writing is a science and an essential component to the ongoing validity of any certification program. An Item Writer is an experienced healthcare internal auditing professional who may also have experience writing items for a certification exam. AHIA will make annual Item Writer training available for volunteers.

This is your opportunity to make a direct contribution to the field, build your network and illustrate your leadership capabilities, with the added benefit of staying sharp and up-to-date with the best practices and standards.

Before committing as an Item Writer, it is important to understand the expectations.

Requirements and qualifications

AHIA will host an Item Writer Training annually with the support of a test development specialist. This training promotes a full understanding of the science of writing sound, high quality exam questions. During and beyond the training, support and resources are provided to help Item Writers develop this valuable skill. Training is held either via webinar or in person and will be available as on-demand viewing.

The role of an individual Item Writer for AHIA's certification program includes, but is not limited to, the following general expectations:

  • Hold current industry certification (CIA, CPA, CISA, CHC, CHRC, or other relevant certification) and be an AHIA member in good standing
  • Attend Item Writing training prior to writing items
  • Participate in all scheduled item writing training sessions
  • Follow the Item Writing Guidelines presented during Item Writing Training
  • Complete each assignment by the stated deadline
  • Maintain confidentiality of draft items and test development materials
  • Agree to refrain from participating in any training / program designed to prepare candidates for the AHIA Certification exams during service as an Item Writer, and for two (2) years after
  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement that includes copyright infringement and confidentiality of the items written
  • Refrain from teaching exam preparation courses or acting as a review provider

The Benefits of Participation

Certification volunteers who meet the eligibility requirements for AHIA certification will be considered to have earned initial complimentary certification, subject to completion of process and meeting program/process requirements.

How to Apply

Click on this Application Link, complete the survey, and you will hear back from AHIA within the next 10-15 business days.

Please respond by March 9, 2018.