Volunteer Opportunities

Get Involved with AHIA!


One of the best ways to make new connections and strengthen existing relationships is to commit to a shared activity and purpose. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people.

Volunteering also strengthens your ties within your profession and broadens your support network, exposing you to people with common interests and resources.

Becoming involved with AHIA affords you the opportunity to grow professionally and gain a broader perspective of our industry. Our goal is to empower tomorrow's healthcare internal audit leaders through professional and personal development with growth opportunities.  

What do you get in return? You get knowledge, ideas, encouragement, enthusiasm, support, and mentoring! 

For more information on the opportunities below or additional ways to become involved, contact AHIA at (888) 275-2442, ext. 6120 or ahia@ahia.org.  We are always looking for educational presenters, editorial contributors, event organizers and facilitators, and thought leaders

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Committee Opportunities

AHIA member benefits and services of your professional organization are planned and executed by four committees comprised of AHIA members.

Membership and Awards Committee

  • Volunteer Recognition:

Ensure the annual volunteer recognition program is effectively carried out; Perform on-going assessment and evaluation of program, and as deemed necessary make recommendations to MAC on enhancements and/or revisions to the program.
Time commitment: 1–2 hours per month

  • Membership Retention Program

Develop new strategies to improve member benefits, deliver value and satisfaction in an effort to ensure members maintain membership with AHIA.
Time commitment: 1–2 hours per month

  • Awards

Assure professional recognition is provided for advancements in the practice of healthcare internal auditing and contributions to AHIA. Solicit nominations for AHIA’s annual awards and make recommendations on award recipients to the AHIA Board.
Time commitment: 5 hours over 3-months

  • Long-term Member Recognition

Ensure the newly designed long-term member recognition program is effectively carried out.
Time commitment: 1–2 hours per month

  • Membership Recruitment Program

Help expand our network of healthcare internal audit professionals by developing strategies to recruit members.
Time commitment: 1–2 hours per month

Professional Practices Committee

  • Emerging Issues

Contribute your experience and knowledge of the events shaping healthcare and healthcare internal auditing to periodic discussions that will guide AHIA’s strategies and give direction to the content of AHIA’s education, professional guidance and publications.
Time commitment: 1 hour per month

  • Audit Library

The AHIA audit library is a valuable resource and you can contribute to its quality by checking for gaps in this knowledge base, soliciting and screening submissions, and awarding prizes for best contributions.
Time commitment: 2 hours per month

  • Subject Leadership Program

The Subject Leadership Program is an initiative to identify members with a depth of knowledge and experience in a subject area of importance to auditors in the healthcare industry. These unique individuals will be called upon to help AHIA strengthen members’ skills. Subject Matter Leaders (SML) will be formally identified and asked to, for example, promote conversation about their subject (in the List Serve and on LinkedIn), promote contribution of quality materials to the Audit Library, contribute or solicit submission of New Perspectives articles, E-News blasts, and educational programs. Right now, you can contribute to the development and maintenance of this program - tasks to be completed include: infrastructure development, identification of desired SML skills/knowledge, identification of individuals to be designated as SML, and skills database maintenance.
Time commitment: 3 hours per month

  • Professional Collaborative Media Development (Social Media Outreach)

Establish plan and develop content sharing of healthcare internal audit resources, best practices through LinkedIn and other platforms. Monitor conversations on List Serv and other platforms.
Time commitment: 2 hours per month

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is always seeking creative individuals with a passion for well written, timely, and relevant articles who are committed to quality, award winning publications benefiting our membership.

  • Publications

Develop and recommend strategic direction to Publication’s subcommittees to support member needs. Ensure financial budget expectations for the Publication’s subcommittees are met.
Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per month

  • Editorial

Monitor the quality of AHIA’s quarterly journal, New Perspectives. Review potential articles, provide input on content and appearance, review bi-annual LSU survey questions and publication of results, assess reader and author feedback, and recommend “Author of the Year” award to Board.
Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per month

  • E-News

Guide the transition of E-News to our premier resource for current and timely healthcare internal auditing information. Determine content and, as you read relevant articles and communications from other organizations, share this information with your peers by capturing the highlights (2 – 3 sentences) for publication in E-News.
Time commitment: 2 hours per month (includes meeting and writing one summary)

  • White Paper

Develop resources (i.e., academics, professional service firms, and AHIA members) to periodically produce useful professional guidance, research or “white papers” on emerging issues and other topics relevant to our profession.
Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per month

Education Committee

Meetings/Conferences Subcommittee (Conferences, Regional Seminars, CAE/Audit Roundtables)

  • Annual Conference Planning

Plan and execute the education program for AHIA’s Annual Conference - develop topics, recruit speakers, review presentation materials, etc. Typically, a committee member is assigned a track (8 topics) to complete. Committee members have substantial industry experience and must have attended at least two recent annual conferences.
Time commitment: Significant, over a 9 month period

  • Annual Conference Session Moderators and Meeting Arrangements Volunteers

Fill one or more roles at the annual conference – assist with registration, introduce session speaker, greet members at general sessions, etc.
Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours at the conference

  • Regional Seminars and CAE Roundtables

Join or establish a planning committee to organize a seminar or roundtable in your area. Using existing tools, committee members identify topics, recruit speakers, make facility arrangements and manage the event.
Time commitment: 10 – 15 hours over a 4 -6 month period
Remote Learning Subcommittee (eLearning Development, Webinars, Tech Talk)

  • Webinars

Assist in identifying topics of interest and engaging practitioners to develop and present information in a webinar format.
Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per month

  • EHR Auditor User Group – Focus on Epic

Connect EHR users through user group meetings and enhance members Electronic Health Record (EHR) auditing skills through education programs and other communications. Develop connections with EHR to increase focus on internal auditing.
Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per month

  • eLearning Development

AHIA will be introducing a new eLearning platform in an effort to embrace new learning technologies, develop more flexible, hybrid approaches that combine eLearning delivery and traditional face-to-face learning to introduce more convenient, efficient and affordable ways of delivering valuable and highly sought after educational content to members. Help develop the business model.
Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per month

  • Tech Talk

Assist in identifying Information Technology topics of interest and engaging practitioners to participate in quarterly Tech Talk roundtable discussions. On a rotating basis, moderate Tech Talk roundtable discussions and author a New Perspectives column based on the discussion.
Time commitment: 1 – 3 hours per month